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Payable Tax per Year Rs- 0

APV = Plinth Area (Sq.Ft.) X Unit Area Valu (Rs) X Age Factor X Structural Factor X Occupancy Factor X Usage Factor.
Yearly Property Tax = 5% of APV
Multiplication Factors:-

Age Factor:
Age of the property  Factor Value
For properties below 50 years 0.5
For Properties 50 years and above 0.4
                        Structure Factor:
Structure Type                                                Factor Value
 Pucca ( RCC/Load Bearing) 0.8
Semipucca 0.7
Kaccha 0.4
Usage Factor:
Usage Type  Factor Value
Commercial 2.5
Institutional(Including Private/Social/ Socio religious) 1.75
Residential 1
Occupancy Factor:
Occupancy Type  Factor Value
Rented 2
Self Occupied 1
Charge of Property Tax:
Sl no Tax Tax Rate % of APV Proposed
1 Land and Building 3%
2 Conservancy 1%
3 Street Lighting 1%
Total Tax Rate % of APV 5%